Terms of Service

By browsing and using "minecraft-server-directory.com", you accept the following Terms of Service.

Account Creation

By creating an account, you grant us permission to send you emails with notices, newsletters, warnings, account activation, and password changes.


You may only vote for a server once on this website. Voting must be carried out without the use of automated scripts, bots, or programs. Any person or server cheating to provide or get multiple daily votes through the use of VPNs, Proxies, or any other means, will be removed, banned, or blacklisted from this website.

Server Submission and Content

You are only allowed to submit a server to the directory if it is your own or if you have been given EXPLICIT permission by the owner. You may only submit ONE listing for the same server (copies of the original server will be removed). By submitting a server, you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use the content provided along with a server's listing, such as a server banner, even if that content is covered by intellectual property rights.

Removal of Servers

We reserve the right to remove or edit any server, with or without reason. Servers may be removed for any of the following reasons...

Duplicate Servers: Only one listing for the same server can be submitted. If server duplicates are found, we will delete all duplicates, leaving the original.

Fake Ownership: If a server is submitted by someone other than the server owner or someone with permission from the server owner, the owner of a server may contact us with evidence and we will remove the server or transfer the server with the fake owner to the actual owner's account.

Long title: If a server's title includes something other than the server's name, we will change the title or remove the server.

Sponsored Servers

We reserve the right to change the ways by which sponsored slots are provided, the amount of sponsored slots, the price of sponsored slots, as well as the time sponsored slots are provided, with or without notice. Payments to buy a sponsored slot may be made using PayPal. By buying sponsored slots, you understand they are provided with no guarantee included and understand that they are non-refundable.

Account Termination

We may terminate accounts with or without reason.

Change of Terms

We reserve the rights to change these terms of service at any time with or without notice.