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Valegate : 1.15 > An Adventure Awaits! A survival server like no other
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Spigot 1.15.2
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About the server
Valegate is a survival server based around having an improved survival experience. We strive to have a great community that is friendly and works together, we do not allow griefing and pvp can be turned on and off, we use GriefPrevention as a landclaim tool but if you are ever griefed, our staff will do the best we can to rollback and fix any damage caused. The server offers a variety of features to make survival more enjoyable, with some of the features being :

[✓] Auction House - Allows players to auction off or bid on items, in this store items expire within 48 hours.
[✓] Jobs - This allows you to join a job which will reward you with money for doing certain actions like mining or farming.
[✓] Diseases- You can now get diseases whilst playing Minecraft with bandages/cures needed to stop you from falling ill.
[✓] Ranks - We offer a few ranks that can be purchased with in game money which allows you to unlock some extra nifty little features to help you out.
[✓] Market Area - This is a place right next to spawn, where you can rent a plot and set up a shop for players to come and buy your products.
[✓] Fishing - We have custom fish & fishing contests every week!
[✗] Weekly Events - Every week, we will be hosting events for you to participate in and win some great rewards. (Coming Soon!)

There are a few more features that are not listed and we are constantly looking for new great things to add to make the server more fun. We hope to see you on the server and become an active member of the community.

Server Website - www.valegate.com/
Server IP - play.valegate.com

Server Rules

1 - Hacking/Exploiing Bugs, Glitches is not allowed.
2 - Griefing is not allowed.
3 - Advertising is not allowed.
4 - Swearing is allowed, but don't over do it.
5 - Be respectful of other players.
6 - Use common sense.
7 - AFK Farms are not allowed

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