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Status Online
IP Address
Votes 0
Uptime 100%
Country United States US
Category Towny
Online Players 0
Maximum Online Players 2
MOTD New world, with Tinkers
Server Version 1.12.2
Ping 58ms
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Here at Villekraft we want to create a friendly community for you guys to get together and create something amazing in the world of minecraft. Here we really value you. We want to listen to you. So if you have anything you feel needs to change, you want something added, you feel something is right, you are more then welcome to let someone know. We have a channel dedicated to sugghestion ideas for our server to make it a better place for you and you best beleive we are going through everything you say and we will try and get it in the server as long as we feel most of you want it. We are gonna keep you in the know. We have a channel for posting our updates and thoughts on what future updates may be. This way you can get exited for the future or change it if you feel it isnt right. We want you to get to know the staff here. We have a channel to read just a little bit about us and get to know us a bit. We really hope you have a great time here! Welcome home!

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