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Papyrus Network is a network running BungeeCord’s version 1.8.x to 1.13.x of Minecraft. We started our server in January 2019. We are currently in development as our number of players are growing every single day. We will launch our server in March 2019. Here are our server’s game modes 💫:

⭐️ Creative: In development.
⭐️ Skyblock: Islands and challenges!
⭐️ MMORPG: In development.
⭐️ Factions: Crates, Mobcoins and ranks!
⭐️ Prisons: In development.
⭐️ Minigames: Bedwars, Bowbash, Conquer, etc.
⭐️ KitPVP: In development.

Join now to Beta test some of our features. We will take in consideration your suggestions as we, the Papyrus family, grow together! More features to come soon... 🌟

Discord: https://discord.gg/nUcEdHJ

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